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North India Oct 2023 - Dehli

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Reflections and heartfelt shares from my time of reconnecting to a place that was once my home.

Dehli...Oct 13th - 15th

We landed in Dehli two days ago. Our first few days are here as we all come together as a group and let ourselves adjust from the jetlag.

So much of this feels so familiar. The sounds, smells, tastes, the humidity, the organised chaos in every corner. In some ways I’m surprised my nervous system is handling all the stimulation my sense are being fed. It is all so comforting to me...

The first day after arriving in Delhi, what a whirlwind it was, feeling like I was in limbo, like all parts of me needed some time to truly arrive here.

I'm feeling deeply grateful to be travelling alongside an amazing group of people, I'm enjoying connecting with them all.

I've been reflecting on what home is to me and what belonging means for me....It's something I've contemplated and wrestled with so many times.

Our first two days here have been so supportive in finding a soft landing here, as our biorhythms and minds adjusted.

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Gail Lucas
Gail Lucas
Nov 15, 2023

So beautiful

Nov 15, 2023
Replying to

That, she is Gail 🇮🇳 😍

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