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Marma Therapy and Sound Healing Treatments

With Ruth Pirie

Experience deep rest, replenish your nervous system,

dissolve physical and psychological tension and

maintain health by cleansing blocked energy.


What is Marma Therapy?

Marma Chikitsa (Therapy) stems from the Ayurvedic tradition (ancient Indian holistic knowledge). The treatment activates and balances energy points on the physical level to energise and relax the whole system- The physical, mental, emotional, the conscious and subconscious.

These points are the "doorways" to your body's inner pathways and to consciousness. It allows you to go deep inside your body and shifts your brain wave states to feel a quality of calm and stillness.
There are energetic points where prāna (life force energy) is concentrated, and they are connected to different organs, tissues and stored emotions in the body.
The points are similar to acupressure points, but the pressure in Marma treatment is much more subtle. Gentle stimulation of these points can release blocks in the system, rejuvenates and allows life energy to flow more freely.​

You are fully clothed during your treatment and no needles are used to stimulate these points,

therefore these sessions are a very non-invasive approach to energy point healing.

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What is Sound Healing?

Sound Healing has been used throughout time to support the restorative & healing processes within our multidimensional being.
Everything in our universe is vibrating at a certain frequency. These vibrations interact with us on a deep cellular level. In addition to your physical body that you identify with, you also have a subtle body- this is your body of sound. It is an energy body that is composed of the resonance of sound.

The sound waves and resonant vibrations that you’ll experience via different instruments, vocal toning, mantras or tuning forks during your treatment, have a profound capacity to reach the cells of the body aiding the healing process and shifting brainwaves to access states of meditation & rest whilst rebalancing the nervous system.

It can at times feel cathartic, rejuvenating & deeply restorative.
I often use the term Sound Medicine & Sound Healing interchangeably, as I have seen and personally experienced this modality as being deeply therapeutic to all layers of our being.

Through regular practice, you are able to bring your entire being & life in alignment when you listen deeply into our own sound- the sound of your being, your unique heart resonance.

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Client Testimonials

Image by Raphael Renter

Feeling incredible after receiving Marma therapy today with Ruth, I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to clear your aura and connect with Source energy.

Image by eberhard 🖐 grossgasteiger

An incredible experience which brings calm, clarity, peace and strength...Thank you, Ruth. These ongoing sessions are allowing me to travel through my day and circumstances with an open heart, contentment and bravery.

Image by eberhard 🖐 grossgasteiger

Thank you Ruth for providing such a warm and inviting space. After a few sessions I am feeling an overall change in my awareness. I am often feeling more calm, centred and with a clearer mind. This really works!

Image by Raphael Renter

I feel wonderful after my sessions with you, Ruth. I feel very balanced and I've been far more consistent with my routines, which is so beneficial for my fitness, work and time for myself. 
- Nicole

Potential Benefits...

  • Alleviates symptoms of chronic stress, promoting a deep sense of relief

  • Stimulates the relaxation response in the body to deeply soothe the nervous system

  • Heightens consciousness and deeper awareness

  • Improves your meditative state

  • Releases neuro-chemicals such as seratonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and norepinephrine (feel-good chemicals), to aid in - deeper relaxation and deeper sleep
    - improved cognitive function 
    - reduction in pain
    - decrease in heart rate and blood pressure...

  • Improves digestion and absorption of nutrients

  • Improves organ function

  • Detoxifies bodily systems and removes excess energy

  • Increases immunity

  • Helps bring a shift in perception, through releasing blockages from the subtle layers of the subconscious. Regular treatment can support shifts in one's awareness and consciousness.

  • Increases creativity and improves one's vitality and energy levels.

  • Fosters a deeper authentic connection with your whole-being - body, mind, spirit.


About Ruth...

I began exploring Yoga 10 years ago during the first years of motherhood whilst traversing through depression, depletion and grief. The practice continues to enrich my own life and overall health, it fortifies a healthy connection to my own inner resource; and so my hope is to always offer a safe space to help others see, feel and experience the benefits themselves of these holistic practices.

I was led to offer Marma Therapy and Sound Healing through my self-practice of sound based and energy management practices, and have both certification in Marma Therapy and Sound Healing.


My guidance is nonjudgmental, nurturing and inviting. I hold space for others to step into a deeper self-inquiry of their body’s wisdom, through nourishing conscious movement, breath and meditative practices. I approach my offerings through a Trauma informed and Mental-health focused lens.


I am also a certified Yoga, Meditation and Pilates teacher with training in Trauma Sensitive Yoga.

I am a mumma to two children aged 12 and 10, who are always inviting me to find the silly and beauty in life, and I love doing life alongside my partner, who’s a larrikin with a gentle supportive heart and curious mind.


I feel as though I am a student of life, and I try to hold the perspective that experiences come my way as messengers and opportunities to evolve and stay connected to my core values. I like to be curious and open to how I can live life through authentic connection, courage and generosity- towards myself, alongside others and with the earth. As a lover of Mumma earth, I feel deeply replenished when grounding in her presence, so you’ll often find me tucked away or immersed in a natural landscape somewhere whenever I get the chance.

It is my sincere intention to provide a safe container for you to reconnect with and nurture your inner resource.

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