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North India Oct 2023 - Last days in Dehli

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Reflections and heartfelt shares from my time spent reconnecting to a place that was once my home.

Last Days in Dehli...

There’s more space in my heart today to accept and embrace that yes - I am here in India. I am with her, and oh! does She call for all of me to truly be here.

It feels a little strange how in some ways it feels like no time has passed for me even though it’s been 18years since I’ve been here. The new moon fell on this day, the new moon of the ancestors and it precedes the nine-night festival of Navaratri which is dedicated to the goddess in all her forms, inviting us to meet our inner strength and our connection with Divine energy.

Could it be that I am all of these parts? And together they create the tapestry of how I live and engage in this life?

I am the young child who left India at four years old.

I am the girl that wrestled with her heritage for so long.

I am the woman who unknowingly made a u-turn back to her roots through discovering yoga.

I am the woman who is finding her voice, strength and inner compass.

I am the woman who feels at home amongst the Australian bush and also amongst the commotion of India’s streets and alleyways.

My mind is searching for some definitive cookie cutter description of home and belonging.

I’m noticing what informs my identity and my story and I am also remembering that I am that which is beyond my story and identity.

Jai Guru Dev

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