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North India 2023, Farewelling Haridwar

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Reflections and heartfelt shares from my time spent reconnecting to a place that was once my home.

Our last days in Haridwar..

Some moments captured from our last days in Haridwar

✨Exploring Haridwar markets.

✨Enjoying random light hearted conversations and meetings with the beautiful people here.

✨For our last morning in Haridwar we chanted by Ma Ganga and had some locals join us, so uplifting!

Our time in Haridwar was so special under the care of Seemaji and Anu at the Johari House.

Being in the Johari House felt like being in the embrace of family. They are incredible guides, organising and supporting us in temple visits, ceremonies, and so many unique experiences so that we really got to see, feel and immerse ourselves in the energy of Haridwar. I can see myself back here soon, visiting them again and the streets of Haridwar.

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