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Yoga has been a part of my life as a source of support both physically and mentally for many years now. Yet 2020’s need for grounding and self-reflection lead me to take the plunge into a 200-hr teacher training course with Body Mind Life. This experience not only deepened my love of yogic philosophy and the complexities of the human body, yet challenged myself to live as a more mindful human being.

To me yoga is much more then movement, but a way of life. Yoga helps awaken the inner potential within us all, as we already have all the tools we need within ourselves to live a more balanced lifestyle.

In my Hatha yoga style classes, I incorporate my love of yogic philosophy, utilize my anatomical knowledge to support your body, alongside nourishing breath work practices and meditation to calm the soul. Though I love the gentle yoga postures that help steady the mind, I also like to encourage my students to challenge themselves with my support at their side.

My teaching style is both gentle and assertive as I strongly believe in the idea of finding ones’ balance. I cater for both the curious beginner, to the fully-fledge yogi as I hope to inspire my students that all bodies have yoga as an outlet to dive deeper into understanding ourselves. I hope you leave my classes feeling rejuvenated, grounded, and curious to learn more about the wonders of yoga with me.

Namaste ~

Sabrina Hodkinson

Sabrina Hodkinson

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