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Sharon, Pilates Student ...

"I’ve been attending Pilates classes at My Yoga Space for a number of years now. Before that I had been searching in vain for a class with an instructor who both understood my pre-existing conditions and was able to modify exercises accordingly.

Ruth was just what I was looking for in a Pilates instructor. Her intuitive, informed approach encouraged both growth in my practice, and strength and awareness in my body.

There have been some challenges in my life during those years which have impacted on my physical wellbeing. I have so appreciated Ruth’s quiet recognition and support, and her gentle encouragement to keep up with my Pilates practice during those times, often with helpful

modifications. The benefits have been too many to count.

I so appreciate this dedicated time and space each week, where my body and mind can be challenged and supported in the familiar practices I’ve come to learn there."

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Danielle, Yoga Student ...

“My experience at My Yoga Space has quite simply changed my life. Everything I have learnt here has played a huge part in being able to get my anxiety under control, not only on the mat but in my everyday life.

I have learnt, through the guidance of the beautiful and supportive teachers, how to be present, how to work with breath to calm my body and mind, and how to release judgement of myself and my mind.

The studio is a welcoming safe place that I find myself always being excited about entering, regardless of how many times I’ve walked through the door. And the connections I’ve made with my teachers and fellow yogis I hold very close to my heart.

Starting my yoga journey has truely helped me to become the best, and continually evolving, version of myself, one that I never imagined I’d be able to get to, and I cannot thank my teachers enough for the impact they’ve had on my life.”

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Sara and Ron, Yoga Students ...

“We initially wanted to improve our flexibility and core strength and started attending Yoga classes at My Yoga Space here in Thirlmere, but we soon gained a lot more than the physical benefits of yoga.

It has also proved beneficial in helping us approach our daily life in a much calmer manner. Yoga has also helped with relaxing the mind and improving our quality of sleep. The teachers are generous with their time and knowledge. We feel blessed to be part of this community."

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Angie, Yoga Student ...

"I've been a regular at My Yoga Space for several years now, enjoying 3 classes per week with 3 different teachers (Ruth, Rae & Jackie) whom are all lovely & very supportive to my practice. It offers a wide variety of classes by well trained, experienced, knowledgable and professional teachers who always make me feel welcome.

I have moved out of the area but I'm still drawn to the classes at the studio as well as the online classes when I can't make it to studio. Highly recommended for beginners as well as experienced yogis."

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Peta, Pilates Student ...

"Pilates was recommended to me as a form of pain management. 

Through my Pilates practice at My Yoga Space, my mind and body feel stronger.  I’ve learnt a greater sense of how to listen to and respond to what my body is telling me.  I feel a new level of inner peace as my pain no longer controls me, I now have the tools that work for me to manage my pain.


Pilates is now a regular part of my life, I always enjoy attending classes and have met a lovely group of people as a result. 

Ruth is great instructor with an exceptional ability to articulate and demonstrate each of the movements whilst explaining alignment as well as the benefits of the movements in a soothing and calm manner.


I highly recommend Ruth and My Yoga Space to everyone prepared to invest in their own health and well-being.



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Jeanette, Yoga Student ...

" I joined My Yoga Space quite a few years ago. This has been a very positive experience for me and I have learnt so much.

I have been attending regular classes with Ruth for a long time, and with her kind and gentle nature she has taught me specifically about breathwork, meditation, how to keep calm in stressful situations and so much more. Ruth also does a sound healing meditation which is absolutely amazing.

I have also learnt how to use a meditation app (Insight Timer) where Ruth has created guided meditations to soothe and support. I use this app when I have a wakeful time during the night and struggle to shut my mind down. When I listen to these meditations I am able to drift off into a very deep and peaceful sleep.

There are a variety of studio classes to suit everyone. I have also attended classes with Raewyn and Jackie. They are all fabulous teachers. I get so much out of each lesson. Ruth, Jackie and Raewyn all have a very unique and heartfelt manner about them. I am still learning from Ruth every week.

I love attending the studio and always feel content after each class. I feel so grateful to be a part of My Yoga Space, Thirlmere and would highly recommend anyone to join a class."

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