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Release & Anchor
Autumn Day Retreat

Saturday 4th May, 10am - 4:30pm
At Cedar Fern, Lakesland NSW

With Ruth Pirie

Join us for an immersive day retreat to soften, unwind and ground.


As we move towards the passive, cooler months and an 'inner winter',
nature provides us an opportunity to experience quietude, replenishment and release.
This seasonal shift reminds us of the importance to cultivate more space to digest, integrate and restore. 

If we are experiencing a transitional time in our own lives, resting our nervous system becomes medicine
during this seasonal/personal shift.


The fallen leaves of Autumn provide nourishment and richness to the earth's soil, supporting renewing growth when Spring arrives. As so when we cultivate our own practices of release and softness (when we embody the exhale), we enter fertile ground for our own involution, growth and blooming.

Our Autumn Day Retreat is a safe and nurturing container for you to experience the medicine of the season, resting, grounding on the land, connecting with like-minded community and learning supportive tools to develop relationship with your wholeness.

Our time together involves....

Restorative, somatic and breath-centric movement - centred around the teachings of the exhale to facilitate introspection and bring release and relief to the body and heart-mind.

Inspiring discussions about the energetics of the breath and how it relates to the different layers of your body, mind and emotions.

Explore Prānāyāma - Grow in relationship with your breath, your Life Force. Learn how to breath in a way that supports your body’s innate healing mechanisms.

Grounding amongst nature - Exploring the practice of mindful walking as a therapeutic tool that fosters a deeper listening and connection to the land. Time to journal, reflect and ground by the lake, gums, open skies and bird song. Soak in the fertile spaciousness of Mother Earth.

Wholesome, tasty and nourishing vegetarian lunch spread lovingly cooked by local culinary artist Nina Brown.

Deep Relaxation Practice Develop a deeper connection with your body of sound - your subtle energy body. This guided practice uses mantra to take you from the physical to your deeper and subtle layers, purifying your energetic body and assisting you to connect with higher awareness states.

Sound Bath Journey involving Gong, Channelled Voice and Singing bowls. Here we experience the quality of deep embodied rest and palpable replenishment for the body, heart space and mind. Paving way to spark the rest, digest, rebuild and restore functions of the body, to access your body's intelligence and the deep wisdom of our heart energy.

This offering is suitable for those with some previous yoga or meditation experience.

Spaces will be strictly limited to 12 people to allow for an intimate, community focused experience.

Studio Unlimited Members Receive 10% OFF their ticket - please use Code MEMBER10 at checkout
to claim your member discount.

  • Sat 4th May | 10am - 4:30pm | Join us for an immersive day retreat to ...

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