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North India 2023-Life at the Joharis

Updated: Nov 23

Reflections and heartfelt shares from my time spent reconnecting to a place that was once my home.

Finding the sweet rhythm of Haridwar..

The rhythm to our days here feels enriching and nourishing.

My time exploring the streets leads to random conversations with the kids across the street and the locals, where we learn that language doesn’t have to be a barrier to connection.

Each morning on sunrise I've been walking along the sacred river Ma Ganga. Witnessing how her presence provides solace and strength to many here.

We have time to honour our individual needs for reflection and space.

As a group praying together, daily puja, laughing together over food, chanting together, honest conversations with kind listening ears and hearts….these strangers are becoming soul family.

Dear India, you are full of contrasts and and you are full of depth. Faith runs deep here, and we are feeling this quality of faith - of sraddha - land into our bones too through devotion, self-inquiry and intention.

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