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North India 2023-Healing by Ma Ganga

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Reflections and heartfelt shares from my time spent reconnecting to a place that was once my home.

Puja ceremony on the banks of Ma Ganga, Haridwar..

One of those bookmark moments in life…

Aarti in Haridwar by Ma Ganga.

Our group were blessed to be part of Puja last evening.

This ceremony and ritual happens every single evening here (and at other spots along the Ganga river in India) and has been for 100's of years.

The energy of devotion, reverence and connection to the divine is everywhere you look.

I’ve been journaling while I’ve been here.

To help digest, reflect and marinate in it all. There’s been some questions coming up for me too…

"Why have you brought me here?"

"What do you want from me?"

During the Puja, Anu was translating what the pandit was saying for me, as I’m yet to become familiar with what the rituals are during Puja.

The pandit asked me to pray at the start of the Puja, to set my intention. He asked me why am I here? What and who are you praying for? What are you offering to the Divine through this puja?

Memories, emotions, joy, pain, the faces of those I love flooded my heart in that moment.

My heart kept internally repeating these intentions, these names throughout the ritual.

The answers to those journaling questions still aren’t clear for me, but I trust they will unfold with time.

I’m trusting that my presence here, the learnings and mini aha moments is right where I need to be for now.

I’m sitting with the sweetness of gratitude for the mystery of Life.

My prayer today is Thank you

Jai Guru Dev

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