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North India 2023-Onward to Haridwar

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Reflections and heartfelt shares from my time spent reconnecting to a place that was once my home.

Arriving in Haridwar..

Haridwar • Navarati Begins 🪔

We were greeted by the most wholesome, joy-full, special arrival at the Johari House.

🌼🌸🌺 Welcomed with open arms and adorned in a vibrant flower shower. And the warmth and hospitality continues into every day.

The Johari House was designed and built by the late Harish Johari. Harish Johari was a author, gifted painter and sculptor, a lifetime scholar, an inspiring teacher, an ayuervedic cook and massage therapist, a chnater of mantras and composer of indian music. He built the Johari House for his family and to invite curious seekers and students to retreat and learn about the yogic teachings. After his passing in 1999, his daughter Seemaji and Grandaughter Anushree have since welcomed many groups from all over the world who wish to learn about the yogic ancient wisdom and immerse into life in India. (You can read more about Hairsh Johari's work here:

Yoga, prānāyāma, japa meditation on the terrace.

We are surrounded by all the sounds of Haridwar whilst we chant together.

So many laughs together as a group, oh so many belly laughs.

I had some adventures through thunder and rain on India’s streets.

🛺 Getting ripped off by the auto rickshaw driver who saved us from getting absolutely drenched ⛈️ on our way back to the Joharis. (I did ask the universe for a joy ride on a 🛺 whilst I was here, and she delivered!)

Deep breaths and quiet pauses are woven through the days.

Soaking up the teachings and ancient wisdom from dear, Seema as she guides us through Navarati and channeling the energy of Ma Durga.

Dancing, cultivating synergy between breath and movement, chanting together.

There's a feeling of family and safety amongst each other’s company.

I'm surrendering to the rhythm of each day.

Being available to each fleeting moment.

Jai Ma 🌺

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