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Restore & Replenish
Free Community Yoga


This offering has been made possible by funding provided by South West Sydney PHN in partnership with
Wildflower Holistic Services "Restore, Refocus, Replenish YOU series".


These yoga classes are an invitation to offer your body, mind and nervous system the opportunity to replenish and restore in ways that feel available and useful to you at any time during the class.


With the hope to hold safety for you, you’ll be offered to notice what you feel in your body assisting you to connect to the present moment experience through a compassionate lens.

Through becoming curious about how sensations arrive, shift and come to an end, we can learn to grow our capacity for managing emotional and physical disharmony.

This helps our resilience to evolve so we can feel more at ease in our body.

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You’ll be invited to make empowering choices and explore your own effective actions based on what you’re feeling, so that you can practice honouring your needs at each moment.


By compassionately tuning into the body, you can foster the reconnection between body, mind and emotions, assisting you to feel more empowered in your own healing.

This can lean you towards the possibility of getting to know and developing your relationship with your internal guidance and inner resources.

What to Expect...

These classes will honour your personal inquiry with:

Kindness – Invitational language is used

Privacy – no hands-on adjustments or assists

Boundaries – no need or obligation to talk with others in group classes

Choice – Different options explained and complete choice over what you do with your body.


The classes will involve a range of yoga practices such as gentle moving shapes and breath practices and guided relaxation practices to foster ease and replenishment.

Though the classes are based on gentle movement, the emphasis is not on “perfecting postures” or “getting things right”. They are an invitation to explore presence rather than perfection and nurture your inner landscapes through breath and movement.

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These classes are open to everyone, 14 years old +

These classes are supportive for those who have experienced depression, stress, anxious feelings and trauma.


No prior yoga or meditation experience is required.


*Bookings are required to confirm availability*

*If you are no longer able to attend a class after booking, please cancel your spot via our website or booking app*

Class Dates

Classes held running between the March – June 2023, please refer to the booking button above for class times



Friday 24th, Sunday 26th, Friday 31st


Sunday 2nd, Wednesday 5th, Wednesday 12th, Friday 14th, Wednesday 19th, Friday 21st, Wednesday 26th.


Thursday 4th, Sunday 7th, Thursday 11th, Sunday 14th, Thursday 18th, Thursday 25th, Sunday 28th


Friday 2nd, Friday 9th, Thursday 15th

About Ruth...

I began exploring yoga 10 years ago during the first years of motherhood whilst traversing through depression, depletion and grief. The practice continues to enrich my own life and overall health, it fortifies a healthy connection to my own inner resource; and so my hope is to always offer a safe space to help others see, feel and experience the benefits themselves of these holistic practices.


My guidance is nonjudgmental, nurturing and inviting. I hold space for others to step into a deeper self-inquiry of their body’s wisdom, through nourishing conscious movement, breath and meditative practices.


I am a certified Yoga, Meditation and Pilates teacher, with training in Trauma Sensitive Yoga and I approach my offerings through a Trauma informed and Mental-health focused lens.

I also have certification in Marma Therapy and Sound Healing.  

I am a mumma to two children aged 12 and 10, who are always inviting me to find the silly and beauty in life, and I love doing life alongside my partner, who’s a larrikin with a gentle supportive heart and curious mind.


I feel as though I am a student of life, and I try to hold the perspective that experiences come my way as messengers and opportunities to evolve and stay connected to my core values. I like to be curious and open to how I can live life through authentic connection, courage and generosity- towards myself, alongside others and with the earth. As a lover of Mumma earth, I feel deeply replenished when grounding in her presence, so you’ll often find me tucked away or immersed in a natural landscape somewhere whenever I get the chance.

It is my sincere intention to provide a safe container for you to reconnect with and nurture your inner resource.

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