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Prenatal Yoga 4 Week Program 

With Nicole Ascaino

Dates: Saturdays Oct 21st, Oct 28th, Nov 11th and Nov 18th

Time: 10:30am – 11:30am

Investment: $100

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Experience being safely held in exploration of your body, breath and mind.

We invite you to take time for yourself as you deepen connection with your body and baby. Prenatal yoga is a wonderful way to support you through the physical and emotional changes that pregnancy brings.


This program is perfect for beginner and experienced yoga students who want a gentle practice learning how to safely modify yoga poses throughout the different stages of your pregnancy.


We extend a warm welcome to mumma’s-to-be who are 14 weeks onwards to join us with the approval from your healthcare provider.

Prenatal Mediation

Practicing yoga through pregnancy has many benefits:

  • Build strength and flexibility to your body

  • Learn relaxation, breath and pain management techniques that will assist you throughout pregnancy and labour to calm the nervous system.

  • Increase your overall comfort by removing tension and muscle tightness alleviating some of the common discomforts of pregnancy

  • Lessen fatigue and promote the ability to get a better night’s sleep

  • Learn positions that will help you to move freely and instinctively during labour

  • Assists in the recovery process after giving birth.

  • And It’s a great way to meet other Mums

What to Expect...

Week 1 focuses on gentle body curiosity with options provided so you and bub in belly can find comfortable shapes that can support strengthening and relaxation.


Week 2 focuses on gentle breath by introducing the 4 parts of your breath. Here you can explore strategies to release tension like focusing on your exhale and working with a mantra like ‘Let go.’


Week 3 is about inviting a gentle mind with kindness and non judgement. There is repetition of body shapes and breath techniques from the weeks before. This class also ends with a pain management visualisation.


Week 4 brings together the previous weeks with repetition and adds the focus of finding your steadiness and your ease. Exploring a steady foundation allows you to invite spaciousness and ease in your body and mind.

Pregnant Yoga


When is it safe to join?
This program if for women who are 14 weeks pregnant and beyond, who have clearance from your health care professional to participate.


Can I join casually?

If you are over 34weeks pregnant, you are welcome to attend casually at $30/class


I’ve never done yoga before, can I still join?
Yes, absolutely! This is a wonderful starting point for those who are new to yoga as well as those who have more experience. You will be nurtured and guided through a practice that is accessible for all levels of experience and for all stages of pregnancy.

What happens if I miss a class?
Missed classes cannot be transferred to future programs, however you are welcome to join a Yin yoga or Slow Flow Yoga class where you will be offered prenatal options. These classes are best for pregnant women before 34 weeks.

Program Details

Dates: Saturdays Oct 21st, Oct 28th, Nov 11th and Nov 18th

Time: 10:30am – 11:30am

Investment: $100


About Nicole...

I found yoga at a local gym with my mum, it was a time of stress when I was finishing high school. Many years on now and my love for all things yoga continues to increase by the day. 

I have a 500hr yoga teacher diploma which I completed with The Yoga Institute. I am registered with Yoga Australia. I am furthering my studies to one day become a yoga therapist to continue to create spaces of awareness, rest, connection, nourishment and healing. 

I am a yoga teacher, social worker, daughter, partner, sister and friend. I am a lover of animals, nature and humans. I have supported many people in diverse communities. I have experienced the effects of trauma and anxiety. The practice of unifying my mind, heart, body, soul and breath has changed my life and sparked my healing journey. 

My passion is sharing gentle, personalised, breath centred yoga for healing. I am always learning from each person I connect with. 

 I look forward to knowing you and holding space for you soon.

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