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Welcome dear hearts..... All classes are continuing online for now
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A welcoming & vibrant studio teaching Yoga, Pilates matwork classes and a variety of workshop offerings to foster wellbeing and wholeness. Our offerings are suitable for all levels from beginners to more experienced students. People from all walks of life enjoy attending our Thirlmere studio. We invite you to come and experience the array of benefits and all the journey has to offer you.


The Benefits of Yoga and Pilates

Through mindful body movement, conscious breathing and meditative awareness the body and mind come to find balance. The body begins to feel stronger and limber as flexibility increases and as the core strengthens. Through regular practice the spine and joints experience the freedom of movement and the nervous system begins to unwind, allowing the body to start entering into a state of relaxation and deeper awareness. This opens a doorway for healing to take place on all levels - physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.


Studio Classes

Our classes are open to all levels of experience. Both morning and evening classes available across the week.

All Class are currently livestreamed online. To view more info about our classes, please visit our Services Page. Please note, classes require prior bookings.

Wollondilly Yoga, Thirlmere, Yoga Studio, Pilates, Meditation Class, Wollondilly Community


We are located at 1/25 Oaks Street, Thirlmere which is in the commercial precinct of Thirlmere and opposite Thirlmere Primary School.


Online Meditations

Now you can have access to guided meditations and practices through the Insight Timer app.

Each meditation birthed in joy, inspiration and experience…from my heart, for you. May they support you in the day to day, guiding you to embody your own internal wisdom and wholeness.

Please click here to access meditations on the app

Or, download the Insight Timer app on your phone or tablet via the Appstore or Google Play, and once in the app search for "Ruth Pirie" to follow the teacher profile.

Select the bell icon on my teacher profile to be notified when new meditations are added.

The app has both a broad free version and paid membership. It is accessible through computer desktop too. Optional donations and memberships support teachers and the App's Team.

Wollondilly Yoga, Thirlmere, Yoga Studio
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