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Guided Self-Marma Treatment & Pranayama Practice.

A soothing and grounding practice to help bring regulation to the nervous system
This video will support you in:

- releasing excess energy

- connecting with your vital points (Marmani) to bring clarity, ease and inner awareness

- alternate nostril breathing to assist in the smooth flow of life energy (prana) and consciousness within, helping you to achieve a state of balance and calm.


This practice can also be followed by any of the recordings below.

You can Learn More about Sound healing and Marma therapy here

Guided Relaxation - Power of Being

This practice comes from the book "The iRest program for healing PTSD" by Richard C Miller. I highly recommend the book or a visit to the iRest Institute website for more info about this incredible program.

This practice is generously supportive in helping you return to your innate state of wholeness.
It can be helpful any time of the day, but particularly in moments when stress has led you to feel off centre

(You can also find this and many other video classes on our Online Studio Collection)

Power of Being-iRest
00:00 / 16:17

Sound Healing

The audio below is a sound healing audio recording, by Ruth using crystal singing bowls and voice. 

Sound medicine is a modality that has been used throughout time to support the healing processes within the physical, energetic and spiritual body. 

The resonant vibrations of sound have a profound capacity to reach the cells of the body aiding the healing process and shifting brainwaves to access states of meditation or rest whilst rebalancing the nervous system. It can at times feel cathartic, rejuvenating and deeply restorative.
We recommend that you listen with headphones.

(You can also find this and many other video classes on our Online Studio Collection)

Sound Healing
00:00 / 09:12
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More Guided Meditations can be found via my Insight Timer profile.
All free for you to access at any time.

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