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India is in crisis and the grip of suffering due to the wide spread devastation of Covid 19 with families, communities and health care systems experiencing overwhelm and exhaustion.

We are forever grateful for the ways the practice has brought sustenance to our lives and our community here in the Wollondilly…and so we are called to ask ourselves, "How can we give back and support the Motherland of Yoga in its time of need?"

Dearest community, some of you have asked how you can support the communities in India.
Below are some suggestions of community groups and organisations who my teachers and friends have connections with in India.

Thank you for your generosity or extending your hearts in this way...


- A community in Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu. Nourishing people with a day’s meal in order to support them.

They have been distributing food to over 50 families everyday around the Gayathri temple neighbourhood who have been affected by the pandemic and believe that providing them at least a day’s meal would help them get through this challenging period so as to prevent the spread of Covid:


- Satva Yoga America, Inc. is providing resources to the local community of Rishikesh in the form of medical supplies and care, food, clothing, etc. The SYA, Inc. will work in collaboration with the Khushi Charitable Society to ensure these resources will support those with the greatest need.

Their first initiative is to purchase and ship several oxygen concentrators directly to Laxman Jhoola. This is an urgent need. Once there, they will be managed and distributed to the community as needed by Master Rishi Anand Mehrotra. Anand Mehotra is born and bred in Rishikesh, his head teachers are organising this:



The links below were shared by Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Kundalini Yoga teacher and Founder of Golden Bridge Global Yoga. You may like to have a look at these links too.



- Rishikesh Ramana’s Garden Children’s Home



- Manjushree Vidypapith School and Orphange in Tawang, India


Please continue to hold India, and the world, in your prayers, dedications and heartfelt intentions.
May the resonance of our hearts and pure intentions shine forth to illuminate the way for those who need it.

We are all walking each other home...