When Aunty Rona Decides to Visit

Aunty Rona has paid me a visit, after testing positive on Monday 👎🏽😣

Sickness in our home for 4 weeks now and with still feeling the after affects of having the flu I had two weeks ago, needless to say it hasn’t been nice!

Woken up this morning feeling a lot of improvement though. High fever, pains, pounding head has subsided. Hello brain fog and lethargy is hanging around like a lil f**ker! Kinda feels like a nasty head cold now.

Some of my helpful friends at the mo:

~Higher doses of Magnesium, C,D, zinc, NAC and Quercitin and anti-inflammatory foods, broths and teas- to reduce inflammation, lethargy, mucus and keep up my immunity.

~Tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms- to reduce inflammation and uphold the rest, digest, rebuild, restore functions of my body and nervous system so my intelligent body can do her thing.

~ Good ol’ fashioned rest. More on that below

~ Fresh air! Ahh heaven

~Soaking in the laughter of my kids and hubby🥰 They’ve been so patient, helpful and understanding

~ Gentle prānāyāma focussing on my lungs and diaphragm - to help maintain flow of prana into my respiratory organs and breathing muscles.

~ Restorative simple postures when in bed. My thoracic region, lower back and hamstrings are craving these at the moment.

~ Meditations and music via the Insight Timer community- to help me gain a deeper felt-sense of rest

Oh sunshine I can’t wait for you to return so I can soak you up too.

Here are some of my musings/reflections….

I’m no pro at this practice of  r e s t.

I have noticed lately that my mind places parameters around how much rest “should be enough now”, whilst my body tells me otherwise. Our body keeps the score!

I’ve been addressing and gently healing from inter-personal trauma over the last 9 months, no wonder my beautiful nervous system asks me to pause more often now, she wishes for me to hold myself in love again and again (Ahimsa), and to gently integrate as each layer is shedded.

May we remember that energy isn’t exerted only physically, it can be exerted emotionally, mentally and from holding space often for others~ which are all beautiful things!

To be of service authentically from your heart is a blessing in this life (I believe).

To heal from and transmute old beliefs, stories, conditioning and trauma is an act of choosing courage over comfort…hence why there lies an importance of returning to yourself often, resting so you can hear your own bodily and heart wisdom, becoming the caretaker of yourself…

Lately during my meditations and connection with Spirit and my guides, they’ve expressed to me the importance rest holds for our collective, especially especially now. It’s integral for the health and evolution of our nervous systems.

They shown me how regulation of our nervous system keeps our pranic (life force) fields clear and vital, and cultivating the rest and digest state is key to honouring our own Yin and Yang cycles and that of the earth.

Remember, we live life through our nervous systems, we co-regulate through our nervous systems!

How could you meet yourself through acts of love and care to meet others with love and care?

With a capitalist society telling you, you must for-go your authentic well-being to keep the wheel turning, it’s a revolutionary act to say yes to yourself, my friends.

Any choices you make towards authentic self-care and deepening your inquiries into your own vast inner life not only supports your own wholeness, but it ripples out for the genuine healing and wholeness of your family, your workplace, your community and our collective.

If this practice of rest feels unfamiliar for you, know you aren’t the only one!

Something I often return to and like to share regularly are the words below by Steph Barren Hall which expands our awareness on how rest can look differently for us at different times- it shifts and changes. Perhaps some of these speak to you…:

Nine Types of Rest

1 time away

2 permission to not be helpful

3 something “unproductive”

4 appreciating art and nature

5 alone time to recharge

6 a break from responsibility

7 stillness to decompress

8 safe space

9 alone time at home

Perhaps I should say thank you to Aunty Rona for visiting me. She’s made space for me to uncover many insights and allow for integration through the down time. I’m appreciating meeting grace again in this time of rest.

Dear Spirit, dear inner life, I’m listening.

See you on the other side fam…

Ruth x 🤎

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