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Our classes focus on moving all parts of the body to create freedom through movement, allowing you to gain strength, flexibility and internal balance while heightening your body-mind awareness. It is through this mindful movement and conscious breathing that the nervous system and mind start to unwind; paving the way for healing, openness, relaxation, clarity and ease

Includes moving through a full range of yoga poses in a breath synchronised movement format, incorporating stretching and strength and finishing off with relaxation and breath awareness to give the body time to incorporate the practice and rebalance the soul.

The classes start with gentle warm ups, moving towards sun salutations and other dynamic movements before moving through stronger and more energetic movements to create heat, flexibility and wring out tension and blockages in all the body systems.

Vinyasa is suitable to all levels, all students can feel free to explore the poses to a level that suits them and newbies can take it at an easier pace. Plenty of options and modifications available and opportunities to slow down or rest as required.


Gentle Flow, Rejuvenate

Immerse yourself deep into your yoga practice.


Nourish and renew yourself with this class designed to completely relax and focus the mind. Gently release the body and bring an overall sense of wellbeing and peace to your physical being and stillness within the mind.


Leave this class feeling revived, alive and energised by switching off, connecting to your body and generating complete relaxation and surrender.


This class includes a combination of gentle and flowing asanas, pranayama (breathe control) and a yoga nidra or sound healing meditation at the end. It is suitable for beginners, those with less mobility - plus all other levels.


Pilates is a range of movements designed to strengthen the deep core muscles, the back and the buttocks. 


The focus is on the breath and quality of movement, not quantity. Each exercise has options to progress so you work to your own degree; therefore making Pilates suitable for beginners to more experienced students.

Use Pilates to improve poor movement patterns and wake up muscles the body has stopped using. This will take pressure off overworked muscles. Once we strengthen our centre, we then move and work from our centre- helping us to feel centred, aligned and balanced.


If you love Yoga, Pilates will enhance your practice. Otherwise, use Pilates to improve poor posture, pain and instability.

General Class Info

Classes start with a warm up before moving through a range of poses including standing, balancing, reclining, seated, core and twisting poses.

During Yoga classes, we may briefly discuss the foundations of yoga, how it connects the mind and body and how you can take yogic practices into your daily life, to enhance your quality of life.

In Pilates we talk extensively about maintaining and strengthening our neutral posture and how to take these exercises off the mat into the world to improve back pain, mobility issues and the sense of freedom that comes from having a strong core.

Bookings are essential for classes and please arrive a few minutes early to give yourself time to settle in and start your practice from a relaxed state. If you require more information about Bookings, please click here. Classes run for 60 – 80  minutes and we require you to stay until the end of the class, so that all participants can equally enjoy the practice.


Yoga can be quite physically intense and a great workout, very relaxing and spiritually engaging, or a combination of both. Each session can provide different benefits each time. Poses can be modified for injuries and health concerns.

If you aren’t sure you’re physically ok or ready for yoga, please start with one of the more gentle classes. Gentler classes are suitable for every level and require minimal mobility. If you can’t make a beginners class, you can attend any others, but please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to discuss any modifications you may require.

We always say that you can only practice as hard as your own body allows in your yoga class, the same class will be different for you than the person next to you. We encourage our students to always explore their own edge in any posture or movement.

health concerns

When you listen to your body and practice within your own limits, you will find that you can generally slip into any class and enjoy your practice just as much as anyone else. While it is a group class, we are able to give particular modifications for you if you have any sort of chronic or acute requirements.

Below is a general list of issues many of our students have, who successfully maintain a fulfilling and engaging Yoga and Pilates practice.

- Autoimmune diseases: Lupus, Rheumatoid, Fibromyalgia, Polymyalgia etc

- Sports, Acute or Chronic Injuries: Ankle sprains, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel, Disc Bulges

- Pregnancy (must start before 20 weeks, if new to the studio please contact us to discuss)

- Post Natal (minimum 12 weeks post labour)

- Hernia, abdominal Surgery or reconstructions (minimum 6-12 weeks post recovery)

- Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure

- Aging related immobility issues

- Depression, anxiety and other mental health concerns

+ Many more


Please don’t let your health be a barrier to adopting Yoga and Pilates, we have seen and experienced amazing outcomes from the most health compromised people through Yoga and Pilates.


Please click here, to be directed to our FAQs section.

"Yoga is not about self-improvement.

It's about self-acceptance"

- Gurmukh Kaur Khlasa

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